Monday, August 18, 2014

Handmade Mania week 39

Welcome to a new week of Handmade Mania! Last week's link up was full of wonderful indie handmade products! We had 134 views, 28 links, and 65 clicks...I know we can help those numbers grow! I challenge you all to help raise those numbers. I know we can do it!


 Make Music hand embroidered hoop art by Violet's Buds

Yoda Inspired Cup Cozy by Enytime Creations

Star Wars hand-painted tic-tac-toe set by AM and PM Goods

Court Jester on Hippogriff Pride by Fairytale Knits

There were so many wonderful links last week! Thank you everyone who linked up, shared, and browsed other handmade indie shops. Now onto a fresh week!

What can you link up? If you make it with your own hands, you may add it, including designed items. Please, do not link to your Facebook page or Blog posts. All other platforms excepted.

Here are the RULES as nothing works right without a few good rules.

You can link up to TWO individual products from your shop below for some networking/sharing fun! Select TWO products from the collection to SHARE via social media using #handmadelove .

Please share in a comment what two products you share and where. I will do my best to respond timely. Thank you!

(Do not share to Pinterest without the express permission from the shop owner. Thank you.

By doing this, you'll be able to share EPIC handmade goodness and build your handmade network! Please share this link up with someone else this week. The more people we have join in, the more our items will be shared and seen! I am super excited to share some EPIC Handmade Goodness this week!! Make sure to use the #handmadelove so I can find and share what you share easily. Thank you. 

How to link up:
Click "add your link"
Box 1: add the URL to your Individual product
Box 2: add the product description
Box 3: put in your email address
Submit then select a thumbnail photo!
Share it if you wish too! ☺

Your item has 4 chances of being featured this up coming week! Make sure to link up, share, and share the link up with someone else! The more we share this link up, the more people are viewing our shops, and the more potential of turning a browser into a buyer. I am so excited to see what #handmadelove links you post!


  1. so many cute items! I tweeted about that freaking adorable hippo and the rainbow bunny. Love!

    1. aww thank you for joining in and sharing! ♥

  2. I tweeted the rainbow bunny and that wonderful dinosaur!

    1. :) awesome! Thank you for joining in and sharing! ♥