Thursday, May 28, 2015

Handmade in KC spring/summer Style!

I love the handmade indie businesses in my area of Kansas City. I am part of a wonderful group, Handmade in KC, and they create some amazing products and have wonderful customer service! Here are a few of my favorite products from this week!  Please make sure to visit each shop as they have more than just what I am sharing here.

Be True by Hang Ups is so stylish for the spring and summer(really for all year round!)
Children's cloth books by Creations by M and J are wonderful teaching tools as well as good for quiet time.
The handmade jam by Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen looks super fresh and yummy!
The bright colors and pretty two strand style of this bracelet by Unravelled is perfect for the summer!
The Costume Wrangler makes EPIC dress-wear - like this Policebox tank top and matching skirt!
The Tulle Box is inspiring summer picnics with this adorable 4th of July colored banner!
You will be the 'belle of the picnic' with this wonderful reversible wrap around skirt by HandmadebyLoloZ!
Nina, made by Little Wing KC, is ready to join a forever friend on a kite flying play-date and picnic. 

Are those products not the most EPIC for spring and summer!?! I loved sharing them with you! Enjoy!

♥ Kelly

Saturday, May 16, 2015

When my brain struggles...

It has been a bit since I blogged and I am going to be really honest. I was okay with that. I had my show for my birthday and enjoyed every moment of the event but that following Monday I lost my "moxi"(Yes, Night in the Museum has been children's movie pick recently). My brain was fried, my head hurt, and I was, am, completely unfocused. 

For me this is a hard thing to share. With my head injury, while I am recovered more than the doctors ever thought possible, it can still be a daily struggle to function. I am a touch out of touch with technologies and my normal business mindset. I am focusing my energies on my family and myself, as they are most important in my life.

I have a plan and am doing my best to work on doing my given therapies to get back into the "game" - so to speak. Please, send good thoughts my way and I will be back at the swing of things soon.  So hang tight.

♥ Kelly 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - almost

Hello! I am in recovery from a very busy week and weekend but wanted to share a few photos of my very awesome birthday craft fair event! It was so busy and fun! I had my dear friends Violet's Buds , Gipson Wands and Aunt Christy's Country Kitchen in the booth next to mine. It was a PARTY in the loft. Had a huge blast! Enjoy my birthday weekend!

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A great weekend! ♥Kelly