Sunday, September 29, 2013

Handmade Mania

Good Morning! What a beautiful day!! Today I want to share some EPIC Handmade Goodness with you!! I Love Handmade things! I want to share my friend Melanie of Violet's Buds talents. She has the most amazing hair flowers! I just order two, one for me and one for my daughter, and I am super excited for them to arrive!

And I want to share EPIC handmade goodness by Cody of Lu & Ed. I would not be the crafter or person I am today without her encouragement. She makes EPIC #monster #storage! Cody does everything from upcycled fabrics!! Totally green for the environment! Right now, she has amazing #trick or #treat monster #totes! They are #Halloween EPIC!

I am wishing to expand my handmade crafting world. If you have your own online shop with items you made, designed, or created with your own hands, link up!!  


You can link up to two individual products from your shop below for some networking/sharing fun! Select two products from the collection to share via social media using #handmadelove so I can find and share what you have shared.

(Do not share to Pinterest without the express permission from the shop owner.) 

By doing this, you'll be able to share EPIC handmade goodness and build shop your network! Also, Please share this link up with someone else. The more people we have join in, the more our items will be shared! I am super excited to share some EPIC Handmade Goodness!! :D

How to link up:
Click "add your link"
Box 1: add the URL to your individual product
Box 2: add the product description
Box 3: put in your email address
Submit then select a thumbnail photo! :D

You never know, your item might be the feature of next weeks link up!! :D  Happy Sharing!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Think Happy Be Happy" - a tee for me

Oh you guys did I find the cutest new shop on Storenvy: Nihila!! Is all amazing tees, tanks, and phone cases!!! I have to share a few of my favorites that I am so saving up to purchase!!

This shop has some completely creative sayings on their tees and tanks.

 I love this one! "Think Happy Be Happy" is a saying that sums up my world. There is always a 'silver lining' is all about finding it. Can buy this tee: HERE

 This is a tee that has something I say every day to my husband and to my children. Do Not expect talking, walking, and thinking before coffee. ☺Can buy this tee: HERE

  And this final one, a tank that inspires me to keep my eyes open for the wonder around me. "Somewhere Something Incredible is Waiting to be Known" and one day that incredible something will be known. Can buy this tank: HERE.

Now there are so many more amazing tees, tanks, and phone covers to purchase at Nihila.

Can find them at


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Try it Thursday

Oh what is in a tote?? Totes are practical for so many things. Lu & Ed is my tote inspiration! The Monster Totes are completely EPIC! (If you need something for trick or treating, you need one of her totes!) So, I decided to make my own reversible tote to carry my craft supplies. And here is how I did it. 

·         Half yard of two different fabrics – may need less (I rather over estimate then under)
·         Sewing machine
·         Coordinating thread
·         Iron
·         Ruler and/or rectangle template ( I used part of a cereal box)

First you are going to cut out your rectangles. You need four total. I have two of my solid and two of my print. You also need to cut out four strips for your handles, again, two from each fabric. My handles are 3inches wide and 22inches long. Now the cool part of this tote is it is customizable to your likes. If you like longer handles add a few inches to the handle and if you prefer a larger tote adjust your rectangle. It is completely up to you! 

You are going to sew three sides of your rectangle on both your solid and print. Make sure you place them ‘right sides together’. Which means – print against print. Making sure to leave a small opening for turning later. Iron all seams flat. 

Then you pair up your stripes for the handles. Again right sides, together sew a long tube, leaving an end open for turning. Once turned and ironed flat, sew the open end closed. And sew ¼ seam around the all four edges to keep it strong and flat. 

Lay your handles on one of your sewn rectangles wear you want them and pin them. Remember, right sides together. The photo show my print side up because I matched my solid to my solid for ‘right sides together’.

Now you put the rectangle with the pinned handles inside the other rectangle and pin the upper edges. Pinning the handles between the two different fabrics.  Make sure to pin you side seams together so the sew flat and pin all the way around the top to keep your edges level. Sew around the top edge. 

Remember, I told you to leave a small opening for turning – now is the time to use that opening.

Pull your tote through the small opening you left in one of your rectangles. And iron the tote flat.
To help stablize your tote and handle do a ¼ stitch around the top edge. And sew closed your small opening from your turning. Iron the tote one final time and there you have it! Your very own Reversible Tote you made yourself!
And there you have it!! I do hope you enjoy making your own tote!! If you do, please, send me a picture at!! I'd love to see them!!

#happyhandmade week 31 Shares

Oh my everyone...I missed a week...I have been quiet. I do apologize. It was a busy last few days. So I wish to share my favorites from Daft Crafts #happyhandmade week 31. It is really exciting to see the NEW look of Daft Crafts. She has a new logo and a super cute background for the site. I really LOVE it!

Onto fun sharing!

First, I love Zeeuh products. She has a great eye for fabrics. I love this bag due it's fabric and I love it's name: Kelly Bag. I think it fits me!

(can buy HERE)

Second, I am really falling in love with Threads by Ionyka. She has some amazing crochet things in her shop. 
These crochet wrist cuffs are darling! 

(can buy HERE)

Third, I love everything MayeneDesign makes!! This apple cider donut (felt plush keychain) is fall-tastic!!! I really love it! It looks so yummy!!! 

(can buy HERE)

Another EPIC #happyhandmade week is up and live at Daft Crafts!! #Happyhandmade week 32! And I am super excited my product, Penny Pumpkin Hat is featured!!! Eep! So excited!If you have a #handmade shop, come link up HERE for a chance to be featured! ☺

(can buy HERE)

Again Thank you Daft Crafts for another EPIC week of #happyhandmade! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#happyhandmade week 30 Shares

This weeks link up is filled with A-mazing things! Daft Crafts did it again hosting this #happyhandmade week! Here are my picks!

First, I love this 'staff' pick from Home is with You: Sweet Jane infinity scarf. So elegant and sweet!

(can buy it HERE)

Second, I am so ready for fall and WSDreams has new scents in room spray form!! I also saw that she has some new 'fall' inspired appliqued sachets!! 

(can buy it HERE)

Third, I am so impressed with this new shop: Pohakanten. It has some beautiful Native American inspired jewelry, art, boots, and carvings. These Rainbow Dreamer earrings are so beautiful! They would accessorize any outfit! 

(can buy it HERE)

Thanks again for checking out my shares from Daft Crafts #happyhandmdae week 30!! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspiration came in the mail

I have been crafting up a storm of late in preparation of a craft show. I am very excited as it is only my third show for Kiser Krafts. I love creating...but I was starting to feel like it was auto-pilot. But this came in the mail today. As always, I was so impressed with this print and the presentation Little Green Guy did. It was in a box and wrapped up. It came in a mat so it is ready for a frame. I am so excited to hang it by my crafting area. Bob Ross always has inspired me in all my different crafts.

Included was this cute little "prize": a coffee drinking little green guy. He is so cute! I'm not sure what I am going to name him yet but he did meet Dorothy Green.

He may be her younger brother...or maybe a cousin...I'm not sure yet. They haven't shared that information with me yet. It was a joyous meeting though. I love my Little Green Guys.

I am so excited for this print and new little coffee drinking buddy. They arrived and inspired me...just when I needed a touch of inspiration.

You can find your own Little Green Guy inspiration at SHOP | BLOG |FaceBook | Twitter .

Thursday, September 12, 2013

#Handmade makes me #happy!

I am a firm believer of supporting my fellow crafters. Just like me, they put hard work into their creations. And I know love is in every stitch, paint-brush stroke, and design.  Each of them are a great support and always so helpful to me. I am sharing a few of my favorites (there are more then just these few - if I included every single one this post would be forever long.)

I just ordered this print from Little Green Guy. I am so excited for this print. Bob Ross has always been an inspiration to me through my whole life. He always encourages 'happy accidents'. When I make something and a accident happens, I think, "it adds to the character, makes it more special and unique." Brittany, the creator of Little Green Guy, always has a positive out look and encourages me in many ways. Little Green Guy is one of my favorite #handmade shops. Visit to find some EPIC handmade for you.

Next these #monster #totes by Lu & Ed inspire me so much. They are fun-tional monsters. They are the perfect size for carrying books back to the library, toys on the go, or soon trick or treating. One of these totes are on my "to buy" list. And Cody, the owner of Lu & Ed, ROCKS!!! She encourages not only me but many, many others. She is always open to questions and is willing to share her experiences. She is one my main pillars of support in my crafty world. Each day, she inspires me to create farther then I could think I could. Visit and find some EPIC Monster handmade for you.

This next #handmade shop...inspires my daughter. Violet's Buds makes the most darling hair flowers. Each day (it seems) she has another cute hair accessory that my daughter and I want. This #fall one reminds me of falling leaves and Thanksgiving dinner. Melanie, the owner of Violet's Buds, encourages me to create daily. She also has a daughter similar in age to mine and is a fellow 'Mom of children problem solving'. She has grown to a sweet crafting buddy and a Mom in my 'corner pocket'. I think every single hair clip in her shop is on my "to buy" list. I love them all!!! Visit to find some EPIC hair #handmade for you!

These are just a few of my favorite #handmade shops. Do you have a favorite handmade shop?? I'd love to learn of more handmade places to support, please, share!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#happyhandmade week 29 favorites

Hey, howdy, hey!!! Another week has past! #happyhandmade week 29 is filled with amazing #handmade items. Again, Daft Crafts did an A-mazing job hosting.

First, I'd like to share A Single Dream. She has an eye for beauty! Every piece of jewelry she makes is elegant, beautiful, and dainty. This Cherry Quartz & Silver Rings bracelet is gorgeous! And I love that you can add a ribbon that help cancer awareness.

Second, a new shop to me hamburke. This shop has some AWESOME green, ecofriendly items! I LOVE this Retro Super Hero fabric sandwich bag! EPIC! 

Third, I want to share the ENVY of all ENVIES: Twisted Thread & Hook rugs. But not just any rug but this Butterfly Rug!! It is EPIC and I ENVY it so much! It is perfect for any girls space as well as a great photo prop! 

Now these are my favorites from the weeks #happyhandmade can head over HERE to choose your own as well as link up if your have a #handmade shop!!! I send out total props to Daft Crafts for hosting another EPIC #happyhandmade week! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh What is the Mane attraction to a Sock Lion!?!

Hi. Do you remember this guy??

Well now I am going to share the mane part of my #socklions. Their mane. But first they get a face. I add two eyes, a cute little nose and a grinning mouth.

Look at those cute eyes and chubby cheeks! 

Here is what I start with when I start working on the lion's mane.

A huge pile of takes anywhere from 22 to 30 knotted yarn bundles to form a completed mane. Each knot is hand stitched on one at a time to ensure they stay on through all sorts of play. Each mane is chosen with care and texture in  mind. I believe the mane makes each lion unique and special as the #child that plays with it. 

With the magic of technology, you miss all the hand-stitching work to see the finished sock lion. Do you think he is cute?? Now to think of his name...what would you name him??