Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dorothy Green's trip to General Motors

Dorothy was on a downward spiral. She missed adventure! Her vacation was so amazing…she longed for something NEW to explore! After brainstorming with me, Dorothy came up with a “Take your Travel Buddy to Work Day”! She looked to me…but I work at home. I stay home, care for the children, cook and clean…she sees THAT every day. She glanced over to Rabbit, “Do you think he would take me to see where he works?” My response was “I can ask – cannot make promises.” 

Rabbit was willing after telling Dorothy she would have “to behave and to listen closely as work can be a dangerous place.” Dorothy was so happy to be safely tucked into his work bag. She had butterflies in her tummy…her hands were clammy…and even her toes tingled with nerves and excitement! It was the first time Dorothy was not with me. And that felt wonderful to have another to share experiences with. Dorothy had a hard time waiting till break time but she dozed in and out. Then out she came to see the production of a car hanging all around her. The noise was loud but she did not mind as she loved looking at all the NEW things around her! First, Dorothy met Christy, who was a joy. She is one of those people whose smile is contagious. Christy smiles, everyone smiles.

Then, Rabbit said, “Let’s go meet Michael Jackson.” Dorothy was amazed that she would be meeting a “famous” person! Well, it turned out that he was not the pop star singer. No, this Michael was way cooler! He has a major sense of humor and a quick wit.

On the way back to where Rabbit needed to be, Dorothy got to meet Chris. He is a jokester! Boy did he tickle Dorothy’s funny bone! 

Soon Dorothy got to meet Pamela Anderson! Another famous person! No, this Pam was not the lifeguard beach blonde from television. This Pam was a touch camera shy but a very good sport and joy to meet!

Time past, so Dorothy waited watching Rabbit work hard. Dorothy was proud to watch him, as he works hard to provide for his family. Rabbit grinned at Dorothy, “Here,” he gently placed her on the engine he was working on. “You can help.” Dorothy was so excited! She did exactly as she was told. What a wonderful learning moment!

Then out of nowhere came the “Cowboy.” Dorothy thought he looked great in his “rancher” style hat! Kendall was his name & he scooped Dorothy up and gently set her on the brim of his hat. Oh the sights Dorothy could see from way up there. The plant opened up to a whole new view! 

Then as the night was drawing to a close, Dorothy had the privilege to meet Anita, a line manager. The picture is slightly blurry as it was a rushed moment as time was short.

Dorothy had such a wonderful time learning how a Chevy Malibu was made. It is now her favorite vehicle of choice. Now if she could only get one in her size…   

Sunday, July 28, 2013

#happyhandmade week 23

Hi! Do you wonder where the week has gone?? Well, I DO!! Wow! Times is really starting to fly fast! Not sure if it is because I am getting older or if it my kiddos getting older. Hahaha, toddlers, they keep me on my toes! This past week has been full of fun and teething. One day it was Monday the next it is Sunday! How did that happened I guess. Here is my choices from Daft Crafts #happyhandmade week 23. Now I will admit there are so many AWESOME, AMAZING things that it was super hard to choose!! But here are my favorites.

First, I love LOVE LOVE this new shop Pour No more!!! They take old glass jars and things and recycle them into amazing #handmade home items. I love the etching they did on this set of drinking glasses. So pretty, so elegant for any home.

Second, I LOVE LOVE Just for Littles! They make the cutest little hand painted banks for children! They painted this amazing treasure chest. It is a wonderful way for a child or adult to store their "treasures"! 

Third, I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Mollie Shop!!! She makes the cutest bows and dollies!! She has a bunch of new bows ready for the start of school!! I love this one - the pencil ribbon is darling!

Now there are so many more wonderful things at #happyhandmade week 23 over at Daft Crafts.

Head over HERE and let me know what your favorites are! I would love to know!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation 2013

So vacation happened for my little family. It is always fun. We travel up to see family in the summer generally around Little Miss' birthday. This year, we did the same but it was way more fun and relaxing.

Charles Duke Wellington III and Dorothy Green
We enjoyed time in the sun at the lake. It was a joy to see Little Miss and Little Mister enjoy the sand and water. As well as Auntie and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. They really enjoyed every aspect of the beach.
Papa and Little Mister

Charles, Dorothy, and family by waterside
Fun in the sand with Uncle
We enjoyed time in the pool at Grandpa's and Grandma's. And we enjoyed playing in the yard. Little Miss and Little Mister enjoyed Papa's wagon most of all. 

And they enjoyed the bonfire we had. For being little, they listened well. And stayed back from the hot fire. Rabbit (Daddy) helped Little Miss roast her first marshmallow with Papa looking on. The men built a small little fire just for marshmallow roasting. Safety first! Dorothy had fun at her first fire too. She, too, roasted her own marshmallow. And we all enjoyed the company of family.
Little Miss, Charles, and Dorothy (fire in background)

Papa, Little Miss, and Rabbit first marshmallow roast

The trip was climaxed with a huge birthday bash for both kids. Though only Little Miss is born in July, we included both. It was a blessed time of food, friends, and family. It was so nice to touch base again with family we had not seen for a time.
Circus Animal Train cake (1 for Little Mister and 3 for Little Miss)

Lion and Monkey came to play

Rabbit, Little Miss, Little Mister, and Me

Dorothy and her elephant animal cookie from the cake

Now there were so many photos of the bash...I just could share them boring that would be. These are my favorites of the lot. It was a glorious time and such fun for the kids. 

AND as each good story says...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sharing favs #Happyhandmade week 21

Wow!! The week flew past!! Did it go as fast for you?
This week I want to share my favorites from Daft Crafts #happyhandmade week 21 link up. There are SO MANY awesome and AMAZING things so far!!

First, I LOVE everything TokyoBlossom makes. She is truly gifted!! Her earrings are so elegant! Love this pair.
Aren't they beautiful!!??!!

Second, I LOVE everything A Single Dream makes! She does an AMAZING job with jewelery! Her eye for color is inspiring!
Look at this elegant bracelet!! It would, will, go with SO many outfits!!

Third, I LOVE everything Zeeuh makes!! She is so GIFTED with fabric and choosing EPIC coordinating fabrics! Each hand bag, wallet, apron, and hugger is touch with love and care and a sewing machine MASTER!
What handbag wouldn't need NEED this darling wallet in it!?! So pretty for summer!!

NOW LASTLY I know it is above my three shares or favorites but I have to tell you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Squshies!!! She has been making new felt animals for her AWESOME Christmas in July Sale! I tell you Each new on I DIE OF CUTE!!! She really knows her way with felt!!!

ARE THEY NOT ADORABLE!!! LOVE them!! Squshies is currently having a sale!! Christmas in July!!! I will be heading over to see what treasures I can find!! ☺

Daft Crafts still has room for #handmade shops to link up handmade items!! It is FREE promotion!! Hope to see you there!!

Have a great Day!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

#happyhandmade week 20

I love #happyhandmade each week! Daft Crafts does an amazing job hosting this event each week! She always has feature items and then there is a link up for handmade products from some amazing shops!! Now I know the week is not finished but here are my favorites so far!

I love this flower rug from Twisted Thread and Hook

I love this rug!!! It is handmade and unique!! I love every single rug in her shop!! 

I love these crochet cards from Mohu Store 

I can see sending this cute little cards as 'thinking of you' or thank you cards! So very darling! 

I really love this personalized tote from Little Details 

It would be so nice to have a tote with my name on it! I love all the different things in her shop!

So far there are so many wonderful things in #happyhandmade week 20 it was hard to choose just three to share!! I am excited to see what else gets added during the rest of the week! If you have a #handmade shop - please go HERE and link your products up!! :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

America Proud

This week is one of the holidays I am most proud to be who I am; an American. The heritage of our country is that of brave people who withstood even though the odds were against them.

America started just as a dream to have freedom to live life free, to pursue happiness, and to serve God. They formed a government and nation with blood, sweat, and tears...and many lives laid down to protect it. I am so thankful for the men and women who bravely serve to protect this great nation. I am proud to be an American...I still say it is the greatest nation even if it really is not. America use to be the great world power but I feel that has changed. America is in too much in debt and is not handling its issues wisely. But I am an American and I love my nation! We as a nation need to start standing up, speaking up, and doing what the Americans did of old to make this nation great again. 

Now onto my American inspired creations:

Lady Liberty Lion is a proud lion displaying her red, white, and blue colors. She has a beautiful mane of hair that she brushes and puts up with her favorite bow. She is fond of picnics, sparklers, and fireworks! She loves gazing into the night sky looking at the wonderful bursts of color!
She was a joy to make!

Uncle Sam Lion:

Uncle Sam Lion is a patriotic lion! He has a great love for his fellow "man (lions) and country", USA. He prefers to celebrate with a barbeque and fireworks. Uncle Sam wears his stars and stripes with pride and favors his hat as an accessory. 
He caused such pride in my heart for my country while I was stitching him. 

Proud Patty Bunny is a proud patriotic bunny who loves showing off her favorite country colors; red, white, and blue. She holds her head high and salutes when the flag is flying high!
This little lady proves that the flag is still flying high!!! I still tear up when I place my hand on my heart to sing  the national anthem and to say the pledge to the American flag.

Stars Baby Bunny and Stripes Baby Bunny

Stars Baby Bunny is a pretty girl bunny who loves her stared and striped ears. Her bow keeps her ear out of the way as she sits to watch the family fireworks. Summer is her favorite time of year. 

Stripes Baby Bunny is all boy! He loves playing in his fort in the back yard forest and playing in the local creek. Summer months are by far his favorite time of year. He proudly cares for his stripes like every good bunny should. But his favorite all time thing is helping set up firework displays.

These creation all speak to a part of my patriotic heart. I love the holiday 4th of July. I love celebrating this great nation. And I pray daily for it! May God bless America!