Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh to have a "sweet smelling Dream"!!

I love great relaxing, natural smells. I love my house to smell fresh, like a breeze just blew through. But with lack of windows and air movement - that doesn't always happen. I also LOVE when my clean laundry smells like it was dried by the sun outdoors. This is a little apartment...not so likely. So I went seeking...and searching and found a new friend, Kim. She makes wonderful sachets. Let me introduce you to Winter Solstice Dreams, Creative Aromatherapy.

They make each product out of the finest quality fabrics and hand blended scents. I love the natural-ness of each product! Kim was kind enough to send me a sample of a "new tagged" items. First, I must tell you, her presentation was amazing! The sample came in individual clear packets as well as information on the business and their product lines. If I wasn't already sold...just on presentation I'd be sold. So inviting!

Second, I want to share Lavender Sachet with a darling blue Bird applique. 
It smells AMAZING! I love the lavender scent - always have, always will - to calm me at night time. It was so nice to place this sachet above my head on our head board and have the scent drift about me while I slept. In the brochure she included, I see they have sachets for pillow cases. Genius!

Finally, I want to share Balsam Fir Sachet with a autumn Deer applique.
This one is my husband's favorite! He loves the smell and the deer. He told me, "It’s not so girly to go in my car." Ha-ha, it is our car and who needs 'girly'! He has it in the middle counsel to help the car smell "earthy". With the sun warming our car, the sachet adds a wonderful scent in the car. I am so pleased with the natural way to create a calming car ride. I did have plans of placing this sachet in our closet - but I lost. So we will be investing more natural sachets in the future.

If you are searching for a natural way to add some beautiful smells to your space, please, visit WSDreams. They have the items to help you. 

And with September around the bend, here is a touch of Autumn for you...

a set of three Thanksgiving, pumpkin themed sachets with an Autumn scent. I really love WSDreams!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#Happyhandmade week 27 shares

Another week of awesome #happyhandmade on Daft Crafts! I love everything linked up!!! So I choose the one that most impressed me this week.

First, I want to start with one of the Daft Craft Staff picks, Gipson Wands. WOW! Did you see that bookmark!?! How beautiful!!! I did a bit of looking around that shop and found AMAZING MAGICAL things!!! Also, I see he did a "joint" blog post on Violet's Buds blog about "Why Locally Sourced Matters". A very good read. And his shop Gipson Wands is the "Featured Shop" on Violet's Buds blog. When you head over to the feature post you can enter to win a wooden bookmark!!!

So head over and enter!!! HERE

Second, I wish to share the EPIC handmade goodness that is Winter Solstice Dreams. Her items are all handmade and lovely!!! These dryer sachets are healthy, re-usable, and smell amazing!!!

Third, I love this GREEN UnPaper Paper Towels by Nature Junkie. The rooster fabric is cute for any kitchen!
These are my favorites from #happyhandmade 27...but there is so much MORE. Once again Daft Crafts  does a great job hosting this #happyhandmade link up.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#Happyhandmade Super Shares weeks 25 & 26

Wow guys I totally TOTALLY dropped the ball. There has been so much going on with the new product line: Sock Monsters, that I totally forgot to share my #happyhandmade shares! So lets rewind to week 25 - an epic EPIC week of products! Daft Crafts does a wonderful job hosting.

Week 25: 

First I must share The Mollie Shop's Super Mikey Mollie Dollie. He is 'super' cute!! His hair is bright yellow and his cape features words of power!

Second, I fell in love with Squshies Great White Shark!! It is a felt ornament that is swimmingly cute!

And Third, I love, love, love Jaime D. Designs Franklin the Frog!!! He is 'hop-astic'! So creative!

What a wonderful week of #happyhandmade items!!!

Week 26:

This was a really full week of  #happyhandmade items!!! There were so many wonderful things it was hard to pick out what were my favorites!

First, I love these Monster Peg People by Landon's Toy Box! All the peg people in the "box" are EPIC and cute!! ♥♥♥♥

Second, I love Artystikego jewelry!! These earrings are so elegant and would match so many outfits!! Every girl /women needs a pair!

Third, I love this darling necklace by A Simply Enchanted Life. It features a Lalaloopsy character and sweet beads. Perfect for a little princess!

I love the #happyhandmade link ups each week that Daft Crafts hosts each week!!! So head over an view Week 27 - it is live HERE.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Violet's Buds: Featured Shop of the Week: Kiser Krafts

Violet's Buds: Featured Shop of the Week: Kiser Krafts: Our featured shop this week is a creative toy maker, Kiser Krafts - "making useful socks playful." Owner Kelly is a fellow Kansas ...

An EPIC week for Kiser Krafts!!! Sale today to celebrate SOCK MONSTERs new in the shop!!!
Hope yo see you at the sale!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

EPIC Event 8/18

Hello!! Sorry been so quiet this week - I have working on an EPIC new product for Kiser Krafts. Are you following me on Facebook? (Facebook Kiser Krafts) I posted pictures and clues for my awesome fans to guess the *Surprise* Product this whole past week. There were some creative guesses! It was so much fun!! I hope to see you the next time!

In celebration of this NEW Product Line Kiser Krafts having a *FLASH* SALE!!!
The New product line is Sock Monsters!!!

The story behind the sock monster is more of a creative way to use the cut up pieces of sock I have laying around. I do not want anything to go to waste. So after several pro to-types - of which my children were the receivers of - I come to this idea of a 'sock monster'. They are made of 1 sock or several different socks. Each is unique, colorful, creative, and one of a kind. They are fun, playful, and perfect size for hands of all sizes. I am so happy with them! Each new one made, my children try to steal to play with. I hope to share the "Monster" fun with everyone else!

I do hope to see you for the BIG EVENT on 8/18, 8am - 8pm!!! 

How do you like the new product line??

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Shattered Memory

The following is why today I celebrate LIFE. It is a lot of reading and no pictures...but may it be a blessing to you to read. This is why Kiser Krafts is very dear to me. Why it is SO important. Let me take you back nine years...

The day was just like any other: work, plans for the weekend, and 'normal' life. Blessings were all around me, though at the time, I was too self absorbed to see them clearly. God had arranged so much. To protect me. To guide me. To show His love for me.

A celebration of love had past, wedding of my cousin Lisa to the love of her life Adam. I was involved in the wedding weekend. And I know it was a blast! Pictures tell me so. It was a huge weekend and so important to me. Then focus shifted back to where I needed it to be, though it was still not fully on what I was suppose to be. The Mexico missions trip earlier that year, June, had my heart and spirit on the wings on missionary work and the need to head to bible college. I "hemmed & hawed", slightly dragging my feet. I was where "I" thought I should be. Working. Working. And Working. The massage world had my attention. Custodial world had my loyalty. I worked. I worked hard. And I was useless. My heart was not right. My actions, oh yes, they were right. I did as I was told and followed everyone else. But in the end God saw so much more that I could do. But not the way I was. Not the self centered, egotistical, prideful women I was. (*note*: I am human and fight against those things everyday - I do fail, miserably sometimes) God provided a way.

God broke my car down. And my loving Dad lent me his. While my brother and Dad looked into what might be wrong with my car, I drove a state the art, brand new, car(one with all the "bells and whistles" that my parents had saved up to afford, their blessing). God made a way. The morning of August 12, 2004, I got up. Dressed in my favorite outfit for work, overalls. It was a normal day. And I don't remember it. Nor do I remember the weeks prior, my business, my college training, high school, and childhood. God wiped it all clean. I hit a tree with my Daddy's car. His new car. The one I was only borrowing. Totaled. I was trapped inside and not found for an estimated two hours. But God had a plan, it was all arranged. A lady found me on her way to work, on a route she never takes. She saw taillights on the side of the road and was curious enough to stop to investigate. My injuries were broken right wrist, broken left leg/ankle, and blood on the left frontal and left temporal lobes of my brain. My only helicopter ride and I was unconscious. 

Here is where I know God had is His hands on everything. My purse went from the front to the back and spilled out my checkbook and drivers license. She then recognized my last name. And called my parents. The scariest phone call a parent could ever receive. I was less then 2 miles from my home when the accident happened. It is true most accidents happen close to home. I am sure the next hours were the most terrifying hours of my parents lives. They lost me a total of three times(I died). Twice on the side of the road and once in the Emergency room. But God sent me back every time. He was not finished with me yet. The time was harder on my family, then it was on me. I really only had to recover but I struggled with a lot of things. Struggles that reach to even today. Amnesia is a hard thing, a lonely thing. God is always there, so I remind myself I am not alone. To not remember something that everyone in the room knows, is discouraging. To have a word that is spoken in an everyday conversation that you don't understand nor know its meaning, can leave one feeling lost and confused. To face the looks one gets when you asked for a definition, a further explanation, or you do not ask at all in hopes of remembering the word later so you can look it up. If you can store that knowledge in your brain for later on. I pray for remembrance of the important things(daily). I can rely on God to give me what I need to know when I need to know it. God provided a way.

Nine years have past. Nine years of healing, relearning, mistakes (A LOT of mistakes), re-growth, re-newness, and many many many blessings. Within those eight years: I moved, changed jobs, went to college states apart from my family, made mistakes, met the love of my life, moved states, and was given a beautiful family of my very own. God gave me the knowledge I would need for the blessing of my husband and two children. I praise the Lord each morning when I know my name and where I am. To remember that I'm married and have kids. I do my best to not live in fear of forgetting. It is scary to not know your name or know the people closest to you (Mom, Dad, spouse, etc.). I am grateful for the flashbacks when they happen but they do not always stick. My poor husband has told me a few times I have had the same flashback repeatedly. While he has heard it before, it is new to me. I am so thankful God gave me an understanding husband. Eight years, wow, so short a time, yet for me, a lifetime. It is the new beginning for me and God has given me so much within that time.

I am so thankful for the therapies we were given. The main one was crafting. I have always been creative and some things were so ingrained into my natural person that creating things helped draw my brain back.
The main craft that helps is crochet. Crochet literally saved my life. With crochet, I can live my life. I’m not sure if it is the rhythm of making loops or the calm you receive by just sitting still with only your hands moving but I know if I do not crochet; I forget. It might be small things but I forget. To forget is terribly scary for me. I fear waking again not knowing who I am or those around me who I love. Thankfully, I have recovered to my normal brain age mentality. You can ask my husband, there are moments where I am not my age mentally. But as soon as I create a crochet item, mentally I return. The steady rhythm and constant repetitive motion helps my brain sort itself. So while many crochet for fun (it is fun), I crochet to remember. Remember my name, my husband, my children and the needs of the God given day. Each day is new and fresh for me. Each day is blessings…even more so for the things I remember.   Thank you for letting me share with you why crochet (crafting) to me is a miracle. 

I am so thankful for the love and support of my parents, brother, sister, family members, and friends through this life altering event. God place each every one of you right where I needed you too be. I fail miserably to remember to whom I have thanked. So, thank you, each of you for your kindness, prayers, patience, and love. I would not be who I am today without you and your help. God blesses every day.

Thank you for journeying back with me to celebrate a new life. Now you know a bit more of me - the creator behind Kiser Krafts. Have an EPICALLY awesome blessed day! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cutesy Tots & More Boutique: Feature Friday!! Week 1: Kiser Krafts

Cutesy Tots & More Boutique: Feature Friday!! Week 1: Kiser Krafts:     Welcome to the first week of feature friday! I looked at loads of awesome handmade goodies this week. I finally decided on a store wit...

I am so excited!!! It is such a great honor to be Featured on her blog!!! I had to share it with all!!!

Also there is a new #socklion in the shop: Carmella Lion! She is a chocolate lover! 

I'm so thankful I get to share my excitement with you!! Have an EPIC awesome day! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shark Week...Storenvy style!

It is Shark Week!!! Love this week! Sharks are so interesting. So I wondered what my favorite shopping spot ( has in the way of sharks. Off I went, over to in search of SHARKS! I used the handy "search bar" up at the top. I typed in generic "sharks". Oh the things that showed up in my feed!!! Some really JAWESOME items!

First, let me share the cute. These toddler tees by Bratz in Vogue. They are perfect for your "little shark."

Second, some really cute hammerheads by I Dream In Yarn. They are colorful, playful, & shark-tastic!

Third, something for the adults out there, a shark tee! Look Human has some really awesome items. But this tee helps me remember I can enjoy "shark week" every week! 

This three "shark" items were my favorites from the "search for sharks" on There was many, many, many more items pertaining to sharks on the "shark" search. Head over and see for yourself. You may find what you need to celebrate Shark week.

Enjoy Shark Week!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

TSUAlist: Back-to-School Must Haves

TSUAlist: Back-to-School Must Haves:
Whether you have a school aged kiddos or a "grown up" kiddo headed off to college, our A-Listers have some serious "must-haves" that will launch them straight into the school year happy campers!

Click the link above to see the total list of back to school supplies - Kiser Krafts chalkboard roll-ups are on the list!!

I had to share! I am so excited to be included on the Alist Must have list!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shares from #happyhandmade week 24

I tell you this week the #happyhandmade link up is FILLED with awesome-ness!!! Daft Crafts does a wonderful job with this link up each week.

I saw, so far in the list, something that every women has, uses, and loves: handbags. (There was/is many, many, many other wonderful items.) So this week I am sharing the HANDBAG LOVE!!!

First, Angelhearts Crafts has the cute-est denim Owl pouch! It is great for a quick run to the store with your keys, cell, and card. It's wings are a darling Japenese fabric and it is fully lined! ♥

Second, IsabellaeRia crochets darling things like this Hobo Shell bag!!! It has beautiful colors and elegant!  ♥♥
She also shared this purple bobble bag...that I think is so cute!
Third, Zeeuh has the cutest collection!! I love LOVE love the whole summer line she has. This purse, pouch, and wallet are a wonderful addition to any women's closet! ♥♥♥

Now all of these are EPIC bags that anyone can appreciate! The wonderful thing is that #happyhandmade week 24 still has time and room for MORE. That means more handmade bags may be added!!! EEK!! I will make sure to check Daft Crafts again to see what gets added here.

Now if you are reading this and have your own online shop full of handmade products that you made yourself - you can link up HERE too! It is totally FREE PROMOTION!!

Thanks Daft Crafts for another awesome week of handmade goodness!!!