Saturday, May 16, 2015

When my brain struggles...

It has been a bit since I blogged and I am going to be really honest. I was okay with that. I had my show for my birthday and enjoyed every moment of the event but that following Monday I lost my "moxi"(Yes, Night in the Museum has been children's movie pick recently). My brain was fried, my head hurt, and I was, am, completely unfocused. 

For me this is a hard thing to share. With my head injury, while I am recovered more than the doctors ever thought possible, it can still be a daily struggle to function. I am a touch out of touch with technologies and my normal business mindset. I am focusing my energies on my family and myself, as they are most important in my life.

I have a plan and am doing my best to work on doing my given therapies to get back into the "game" - so to speak. Please, send good thoughts my way and I will be back at the swing of things soon.  So hang tight.

♥ Kelly 

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