Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation 2013

So vacation happened for my little family. It is always fun. We travel up to see family in the summer generally around Little Miss' birthday. This year, we did the same but it was way more fun and relaxing.

Charles Duke Wellington III and Dorothy Green
We enjoyed time in the sun at the lake. It was a joy to see Little Miss and Little Mister enjoy the sand and water. As well as Auntie and Uncle, Grandma and Grandpa. They really enjoyed every aspect of the beach.
Papa and Little Mister

Charles, Dorothy, and family by waterside
Fun in the sand with Uncle
We enjoyed time in the pool at Grandpa's and Grandma's. And we enjoyed playing in the yard. Little Miss and Little Mister enjoyed Papa's wagon most of all. 

And they enjoyed the bonfire we had. For being little, they listened well. And stayed back from the hot fire. Rabbit (Daddy) helped Little Miss roast her first marshmallow with Papa looking on. The men built a small little fire just for marshmallow roasting. Safety first! Dorothy had fun at her first fire too. She, too, roasted her own marshmallow. And we all enjoyed the company of family.
Little Miss, Charles, and Dorothy (fire in background)

Papa, Little Miss, and Rabbit first marshmallow roast

The trip was climaxed with a huge birthday bash for both kids. Though only Little Miss is born in July, we included both. It was a blessed time of food, friends, and family. It was so nice to touch base again with family we had not seen for a time.
Circus Animal Train cake (1 for Little Mister and 3 for Little Miss)

Lion and Monkey came to play

Rabbit, Little Miss, Little Mister, and Me

Dorothy and her elephant animal cookie from the cake

Now there were so many photos of the bash...I just could share them all...how boring that would be. These are my favorites of the lot. It was a glorious time and such fun for the kids. 

AND as each good story says...


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    1. Thank you! That is the magic I call my Mom! :) She thought of the theme and my aunt ordered the cake from a fellow school cook. It really was a wonderful time.