Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dorothy Green's trip to General Motors

Dorothy was on a downward spiral. She missed adventure! Her vacation was so amazing…she longed for something NEW to explore! After brainstorming with me, Dorothy came up with a “Take your Travel Buddy to Work Day”! She looked to me…but I work at home. I stay home, care for the children, cook and clean…she sees THAT every day. She glanced over to Rabbit, “Do you think he would take me to see where he works?” My response was “I can ask – cannot make promises.” 

Rabbit was willing after telling Dorothy she would have “to behave and to listen closely as work can be a dangerous place.” Dorothy was so happy to be safely tucked into his work bag. She had butterflies in her tummy…her hands were clammy…and even her toes tingled with nerves and excitement! It was the first time Dorothy was not with me. And that felt wonderful to have another to share experiences with. Dorothy had a hard time waiting till break time but she dozed in and out. Then out she came to see the production of a car hanging all around her. The noise was loud but she did not mind as she loved looking at all the NEW things around her! First, Dorothy met Christy, who was a joy. She is one of those people whose smile is contagious. Christy smiles, everyone smiles.

Then, Rabbit said, “Let’s go meet Michael Jackson.” Dorothy was amazed that she would be meeting a “famous” person! Well, it turned out that he was not the pop star singer. No, this Michael was way cooler! He has a major sense of humor and a quick wit.

On the way back to where Rabbit needed to be, Dorothy got to meet Chris. He is a jokester! Boy did he tickle Dorothy’s funny bone! 

Soon Dorothy got to meet Pamela Anderson! Another famous person! No, this Pam was not the lifeguard beach blonde from television. This Pam was a touch camera shy but a very good sport and joy to meet!

Time past, so Dorothy waited watching Rabbit work hard. Dorothy was proud to watch him, as he works hard to provide for his family. Rabbit grinned at Dorothy, “Here,” he gently placed her on the engine he was working on. “You can help.” Dorothy was so excited! She did exactly as she was told. What a wonderful learning moment!

Then out of nowhere came the “Cowboy.” Dorothy thought he looked great in his “rancher” style hat! Kendall was his name & he scooped Dorothy up and gently set her on the brim of his hat. Oh the sights Dorothy could see from way up there. The plant opened up to a whole new view! 

Then as the night was drawing to a close, Dorothy had the privilege to meet Anita, a line manager. The picture is slightly blurry as it was a rushed moment as time was short.

Dorothy had such a wonderful time learning how a Chevy Malibu was made. It is now her favorite vehicle of choice. Now if she could only get one in her size…   


  1. Too cute! Looks like Dorothy had a blast!

    1. She really did! And Rabbit enjoyed having her with him. :)

  2. haha I love this! She has so much fun with you