Monday, September 16, 2013

Inspiration came in the mail

I have been crafting up a storm of late in preparation of a craft show. I am very excited as it is only my third show for Kiser Krafts. I love creating...but I was starting to feel like it was auto-pilot. But this came in the mail today. As always, I was so impressed with this print and the presentation Little Green Guy did. It was in a box and wrapped up. It came in a mat so it is ready for a frame. I am so excited to hang it by my crafting area. Bob Ross always has inspired me in all my different crafts.

Included was this cute little "prize": a coffee drinking little green guy. He is so cute! I'm not sure what I am going to name him yet but he did meet Dorothy Green.

He may be her younger brother...or maybe a cousin...I'm not sure yet. They haven't shared that information with me yet. It was a joyous meeting though. I love my Little Green Guys.

I am so excited for this print and new little coffee drinking buddy. They arrived and inspired me...just when I needed a touch of inspiration.

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  1. Little Green Coffee drinker is amazingly cute! I squeeed a little when I saw him. I love the Bob Ross print too. Isn't it fun getting gifts in the mail? Good luck with your craft show prep!