Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#Happyhandmade Week 49 Favorites!

Hello! Tuesday is full of SNOW!!! And I love LOVE love it! ♥ 

Fisher Price lion for Noah's ark
I love this featured item at +Daft Crafts #happyhandmade by Scrawny Girl


Kawaii Latte Love Mixed Media Original Painting by Scrawny Girl. She seriously is talented!

I really like this darling Customizable Ballerina Peg Doll by Landon's Toy box.

How wonderful is this cute little Striped Gadget Monster by Lu & Ed!?!

I love the talent behind this beautiful Bridal tatted lace jewelry set by CrafteroniNCheese.

And I am honored to share this Valentine's Day inspire Hoop Art by Violet's Buds. She a new sponsor on my blog. And her shop is EPIC! 

Hope you enjoyed my shares for this amazing #happyhandmade #link up hosted by Daft Crafts.You can join in to HERE!! ☺



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