Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Talk to Me Tuesday: Squshies style

Welcome to another Talk to Me Tuesday shop feature! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Danielle of Squshies. She is wicked talented and super creative.

Welcome Danielle! 

Tell us a bit about you! 

My name is Danielle. I'm really bad at describing myself and usually just randomly list off the first things that come to mind so here goes! I love cartoons and studied 3d animation for many years. I currently do some volunteer work on an animated cartoon series on Youtube. I love animals, especially weirder and less loved ones (vultures, elephant seals, hyenas). I have a cat named Hazel., she's a big cranky tabby. I'd love to have a Sphynx cat someday. I think they are adorable. I love to read and do puzzles. I tend to be a hermit, if my hobbies weren't an indicator. I love baked goods, especially cake.

Tell us about your shop! 

My shop is Squshies and it is a collaborative effort between myself and my husband, Jason. Currently we make felt animal ornaments and hoop art. Making felt animals started out as as a fun thing for me do between job searches. I'd been looking for a job for almost 9 months since moving to California. Once I started making Squshies, I found a job almost immediately. It was a entry level retail job, the type of job I'd held for years and wanted to move away from. I took the job but it was made me miserable. With much help and encouragement from family and friends, I realized that maybe instead of doing the same thing I'd been dong for years I should try something completely different. I've been focused on the Squshies ever since.  

What is your favorite thing to make?

I really like making hoop art. It is fun to get to combine the Squshies with sayings, props, or scenery that I can't normally do with their original ornament form. I also really like making animals I've never made before.

What is the hardest part of owning your own online shop?

It is awesome to be in control of your own shop and making all your own decisions, but it is also really hard sometimes! There are so many decisions to make it can be a bit overwhelming at times.


Do you have any advice to share?

Take yourself seriously. I don't mean that you should be super formal or pretend that you are a big company. You're running a store. You have a business. That is a big deal. If you can't take yourself seriously, it will be hard for others to take you seriously. Also to value your time. The time you put into your work has worth, no one can do it just like you. That makes it valuable.

Thank you so much Danielle for joining us today! You can find Danielle at Etsy | Website & Blog | Storenvy | Instagram |Facebook | Twitter .Make sure to stop by and give her some crafty love.