Monday, January 13, 2014

Rope in your Baskets

2014 Resolution - Organize!!! My craft corner is like a 'tor-hurd-i-quake' happened. I need to organize and return things to order. So, I was surfing around to find solutions to help me organize my craft supplies and I found out my friend Magda, of Twisted Thread and Hook, is making a whole new item for her EPIC shop!! Baskets!! Rope Baskets! How sturdy and function-able!

I asked her to share with me a bit more about this new line in her shop. Welcome Magda!!! 

Thank you, Kelly. Are you starting this year trying to organize your house? It's a never ending task for me. Recently, I redesigned my office space with a wall full of shelves, drawers, and cubbies. However, the cubbies came out smaller than I expected and I could not find a basket that would fit them right. 

I've set on this issue for a while, and then it occurred to me! I had a few boxes of cotton cording/rope that I originally planned to use for my rugs. However, I decided it was not a good fit for rugs, but ends up it's perfect for baskets. 

 They are soft, yet, they hold the shape very well. They even have handles so it's easy to pull them out of the cubbies.

They can very easily be used on a shelf to organize craft supplies or toys. I can make custom sizes too so they can fit your cubby just right! You can purchase your own in my SHOP.

Thank you so much for sharing your new line with us!!! Your baskets do inspire one to organize! I also think they make a wonderful decoration in a home. 

You can follow Magda at her FACEBOOK | SHOP | TWITTER 


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